Sisters in the Storm is a collective of Black Women focused on community engagement and Sisterhood among Black Women & non-men.

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Asia Renée she/her

  • Nurturer, caregiver, storykeeper, healer.
  • I care about Black motherhood. I want to hold space for our choices and abilities to raise families. I want Black kids to be free. I want heauxs to be free. And I want reparations.
  • Fierce, compassionate, a quiet storm.

Dani Sanchez she/her

  • Artist, uplifter, community educator.
  • Bridging the distances between the Caribbean and American children of the African Diaspora, and documenting the Black femme experience in its raw totality.
  • Weird, vibrant, resilient.

Jasmine Whittaker she/her

  • I am a Nonprofit Director, equity in education advocate, and failed lifestyle blogger, whose goal is to raise radical and free Black kids who fuck shit up.
  • My heart is tied to empowering Black youth and creating spaces for them to thrive while living authenticity in themselves. Oh, and glitter, I can’t forget glitter.
  • Loyal, Raw, and a little bit bougie. “I may not be everyone’s cup of tea — but I’m someone’s henny straight.” — Millennial Negro Proverb

Leslie Mac she/her

  • Organizer, Movement Auntie, world class baker and Co-Founder Safety Pin Box.
  • I care about discovering new ways to build a more just world, empowering Black people to liberate ourselves from the weight of white supremacy & finding the perfect highlighter..
  • Funny, Honest, and Jamaican AF.


  • Educator and Agitator.
  • I care about educating Black children well, making space for Black women/femmes and non-men to be free and I care about raising free Black children.
  • Petty, strong, grounded.

Sherronda J. Brown she/her

  • Essayist and Editor. Full-time astrophile and part-time existential nihilist. Demisexual, demiromantic, demigoddess.
  • My passions lie in combating misogynoir, affirming Black women and other non-men, demystifying asexuality, destigmatizing mental illness, promoting queerplatonic love and intimacies, and going hard for Black millennials. I write pop culture and media analysis through a Black feminist lens with historical and cultural context, and i’m obsessed with exploring Blackness in the horror genre.
  • Nerdy, irreverent, and unapologetically Millennial.

Stephanie Beal she/her

  • I am a mother, lover of the Black collective, child advocate, and a #BaeHive Bae.
  • I care about Hulk-smashing white supremacy, misogynoir/misogyny, and gender disparities. I’m most passionate about Black liberation, raising free and fearless Black children, and trying to get this contour and highlight on fleek!
  • Bold, passionate, and MAGICAL.